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Top 20 from the Streets of Mathura & Vrindavan 

Mathura and Vrindavan are the two cities known for their temples of Balgopal and Radha Rani. These cities are famous for their sweets, especially the items made by adding lots of milk in it as well as for kiosks and stalls that serve satvik food and milk products.

Below is a list of the dishes you shouldn’t miss in these two Lord Krishna’s cities:


The lassi which is served in the earthen pot (kulhad), is a little different from what you have elsewhere. This lassi becomes a sinful affair due to the rich and thick layer of Malai and a heavy dose of dry fruit on the top.



Malpua is a famous Indian dessert prepared from a fermented item, and is deeply fried and soaked in sugar syrup. This is one of the famous food of Mathura & Vrindavan; you will find it in every corner.



Rabri is everyone’s favorite, including tourists as well as localities. Rabri is made by heating milk on a high flame. It does not require adding sugar, because the sweetness of the dish comes from milk. It can be eaten alone or with Malpua.



You’ll have all the flavors of the food when you’re visiting Mathura & Vrindavan. The samosa here is made without onion and garlic, which will surely encourage you to have atleast one samosa. Samosa is served with green chutney or satvik aloo curry.



Kachori in Mathura &Vrindavan is made with moong dal, and the scent of desi ghee drenched in it. There are varieties of kachoris served here, but the best one is with the filling of mawa and dry fruit. If you don’t like mawa and dry fruit, then need not to worry as lanes of Mathura & Vrindavan offer a variety of kachoris, and each one has its specialty.


6Makhan Mishri

Makhan Mishri is the favorite food of Lord Krishna, and the famous delicacyof Mathura & Vrindavan. It is served like prasad in the Banke Bihari temple in Vrindavan. It has fresh makhan on top and mishri cubes in the bottom.



Mathura & Vrindavan offers pedas of different shapes and sizes with different prices and flavors. Whenever you are planning to visit Mathura & Vrindavan don’t forget to carry a large packet with yourself to keep the boxes of pedas in it as you will not find the same pedas anywhere.



Every Indian’s day starts with a large cup of chai. In Mathura & Vrindavan, chai is made with pure milk and is served in kulhad. If you are visiting this place, then it is worth to have chai with the blend of cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom.



The fresh ghewar from Mathura is for you if you want something beyond peda and lassi. Ghewar here is made by adding layers of malai and dry fruit which will surely make you a fan of it.


10Bhalle Papdi

Mathura & Vrindavan both serve the best quality of milk products, and bhalle papdi is an the example of that. While eating bhalle papdi, you will get the taste of thick, rich curd in your plate. No onion and garlic are added in the chaats served in Mathura & Vrindavan.



Vrindavan and Mathura’s jalebi are served in pattal, which makes it unique. You may also want a bowl of fresh rabri to have with this delicacy.


12Aloo Puri

Aloo puri is a famous and favorite North Indian dish. You will find aloo puri stall at every corner.  Aloo puri consists of a combination of spicy aloo sabzi and deep- fried puri.



Gujiya’s are made with maida flour and are deep-fried and filled with cardamom-flavored mawa and dry fruit. It is a favorite and important northern Indian snack. You should try this when you are visiting Mathura & Vrindavan.



In Mathura & Vrindavan, kulfi is made from churned milk and is mixed with dry fruits, cardamom, and saffron. It is generally served with faluda. The cool taste of the Kulfi is a pleasant and relaxing experience for your mind.



It’s a renowned dish in Mathura district. Bedhai is crispy, deep-fried, pure wheat chapattis served with spicy potato sabzi. For many people who live in these cities, it is the favorite lip-smacking breakfast option.



Tehri is the famous North Indian dish and is prepared from basmati rice. The rice is cooked with different spices that provide the taste and scents for a variety of vegetables. The dish is generally combined to make the flavor even better with green chutney.


17Bhindi Salan

Bhindi salan includes fried crispy ladyfinger, which is mixed into the yogurt-based curry with various spices. This is a wholesome and tasty soup which you cannot find everywhere.



Revari is made of white til. The white til is blended into sugar or jaggery with cardamom and then cooled down. It is then chisel in various forms and sizes. You will find the revari sellers at every corner of Mathura & Vrindavan.



It is made of urad or moong dal rice flour. It is then steamed and eaten with green chutney. It’s a delicious and healthy meal. It can be a snack and also a part of the main meal.


20Dum Aloo

Apart from aloo puri, dum aloo is also a famous delicacy of Mathura & Vrindavan. It made from different spices and soaked in thick gravy. It’s a treat for your taste buds if you are a great fan of spicy food.


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